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Review: Lindsey Stirling Releases Inspirational Official Video For “First Light”!

First Light Lindsey Stirling
Photo: Lindsey Stirling “First Light” Official Video.

Lindsey Stirling has released the official video for her incredibly emotional track “First Light”!

Lindsey Stirling has to be one of the most influential musicians I have ever come across, and when you watch videos such as “First Light” it’s not hard to see why.

The official video speaks about how we all have the ability to find a spark of light even in our darkest moments. The story behind the video has a very personal connection to Lindsey, and gives her a chance to share her story, while also helping us to discover that spark of light when we are starting to feel lost within the darkness.

The song is full of such incredible passion, which really connects with you from the very first time that you hear it.

Lindsey has such an incredible & creative musical talent, and her kind hearted nature always shows within her music. I believe that she has already inspired so many people, and I believe that she should be incredibly proud of this creative masterpiece.

You can check out the official video for “First Light” below.

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