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The Ultimate Break Up Playlists For Every Scenario (Ft Never Settle)!


Break up playlist ultimate

There is nothing like putting on your headphones, taking some TLC, and escaping reality for a period of time. Sometimes it’s because we are having a bad day, while others it’s because your favourite band is going on a hiatus (Come back One Direction…) and you want to just relive all their classics, over and over again. However, there are moments when we listen to music to find the words that we, or anybody, just can’t say.

Let’s be honest, breaking-up can be one of the most heart breaking things that you can go through, or it can be a sense of relief. However you might be feeling, we may have a few songs to help you when you most need an escape from reality.

For these playlists, I have teamed-up with Eve, an incredibly talented blogger from Never Settle to create a number of break-up playlists to help you guys through any break-up you might be going through.

Eve has to be one of kindest and most caring bloggers that I have come across in the blogger universe. She writes on a number of topics, from dating to lifestyle, this talented lady always has an exciting article to read. You should definitely go and check out her blog by clicking right here!

Please note, this is just our opinions, and there is so many songs that we could have added to these playlists.

So let’s get down to it. Check out what songs we have picked for our break-up playlists below!

1. If You Just Want To Cry

Jess suggests:  Break A Little – Kirstin

In this electro-pop number, Kirstin sings about a crumbling relationship, through some incredibly passionate and emotional lyrics, you can’t help but feel the emotional pain behind the lyrics. Certainly a song that will be tugging at your heartstrings.

Eve Suggests: You Are The Reason – Calum Scott

Genuinely such a tear-jerker, a slow building melody – the lyrics capture the true pain of heartbreak – how your heart races and can’t sleep, how you still love them and would do anything to be with them again.

Jess suggests: Hollow – Janet Leon

One song that can certainly fills your eyes with tears, this song describes when you are missing someone and would do anything to have them back, or escape the way you are feeling without them.  The way that the song builds really brings out the powerful emotion, which features deep within Janet’s voice.

Eve Suggests: Blacked Out – Chris Young

Gives me chills everytime. Again, Chris Young focus’ on the deep pain of losing someone you love. How nothing can make the pain go away. A soft guitar-led song, Chris’ emotion-filled voice is silky soft to lull you into tears…

Jess suggests: Six Degrees Of Separation – The Script

Describing the stages of a brutal heartbreak, The Script explores the stages of going through a break-up. From a broken heart, to admitting maybe there’s a possibility that you may have messed up a little.

Eve suggests: Mercy – Brett Young

It takes all of a few seconds for this one to give me a lump in my throat. It’s slow, delicate and intense. This is for anyone who know’s the one they love doesn’t love them anymore, and needs them to left you move on, rather than torturing you. Anyone who has had the person they love leave, but still lead you on afterwards… this one is for you.

Jess suggests: The Great Divide (Crash Cove Remix) – Rebecca Black

In this song, Rebecca talks about walking away from a bad situation by washing your hands of them, and leaving them behind. The tempo really builds up the drama of the lyrics, while bringing out the passion within Rebecca’s voice.

Eve suggests: Consequences – Camila Cabello

This one is from the sensation Camila Cabello. Unlike her other spicy songs, this one is vulnerable, it’s honest and open and heartbreaking to a slow airy piano tune. She knows she loved the wrong person, and it’s meant her heart has broken – and you can hear this in her broken voice as she sings.

Jess suggests: Rewrite The Stars – Zac Efron & Zendaya

So who here loved The Greatest Showman? Me, Me, Me!
This song describes two people wanting to be together, but there are many obstacles standing in the way. Sometimes breaking-up isn’t because we have fallen out of love with them, but sometimes we feel that they are better off without us in their lives. This song explores this feeling perfectly through its emotional and heart touching lyrics.

Eve suggests: No Goodbyes – Dua Lipa

For those who can’t imagine ever moving on. Dua Lipa describes a couple on the verge of breaking up and trying to move on with their lives, but they desperately don’t want to.

2. If You’re Angry

Jess suggests: Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

Of course I was going to be adding Taylor Swift to this list at some point. This song for me is the ultimate song for when you need to let out a little bit of anger. Yes, I am normally one for taking the high road; however, there are times when you need to just let out a bit of built up frustration.

Eve suggests: Stilettos – Kelsea Ballerini

This one was written for any girl who’s had her heart broken, and embracing the pain and using it to make yourself stronger. It’s empowering, as Kelsea calls for the recently jilted to walk away with their heads held high.

Jess suggests: Warzone – The Wanted

This song talks about a guy finding out her girlfriend has been cheating on him (Poor guy), however even with all the anger he has built-up towards her, he knows he has to walk away from all the lies and hatred (Yes, you go dude!).

Eve suggests: IDGAF – Dua Lipa 

The ultimate recent ‘fuck you’ song, it’s one that most of us can relate to – and belt out at the top of our lungs. The lyrics are so kick-ass, strong woman, it makes us believe we can get through a breakup, and we don’t deserve the shit we’ve been through.

Jess suggests: Don’t Hold Your Breath – Nicole Scherzinger

The lyrics for this song talk about a woman who has walked away from a guy who has caused her so much pain, and she is done with playing his silly little games. Nicole brings the determination within the lyrics to life, with her stunning and sassy voice. You go Nicole!

Eve suggests: Fuck You – Lily Allen

It’s brilliant and rich with truth and ridicule, basically just shows we don’t need people who are awful. Bound to put a smile on your face when singing along…

Jess suggests: Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri

The perfect song for telling your cheating ex “You have no chance of getting back with me!”. Christina says it loud and clear in this song, telling the guy in question that he broke her heart (Along with many others) and now he wants to try again, there is no chance of that happening.

Eve suggests: Irreplaceable – Beyonce

This one is all about girl power… We’re strong enough to not need you. We will of course find someone better and won’t put up with being treated like shit.

Jess suggests: Criminal – Lauren Carnahan

Sometimes love is blind. You see the things you want to see, and let the other person get away with things that they shouldn’t. Well, this song is a shout out to the moment when you have had enough and won’t be oblivious to what they are doing anymore. Definitely a song will be singing out loud!

Eve Suggests: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

One of her many break-up anthems, this one is catchy AF. She’s savage, like this is exhausting, it’s poppy, it’s easy to listen to – it’s great if you’re angry.

3. If They Cheated

Jess suggests: Leave (Get Out) – JoJo

Childhood throwback! This song is still a classic in my books, and has gone from a childhood jam, to a heartbreak anthem. JoJo certainly says it how it is in this sassy little number, by telling the cheating man in her life that it is officially over. Definitely a song you can’t help but sing the lyrics out loud!

Eve suggests: Ugly Heart – G.R.L

Ugly heart starts off with a charming ukelele intro before bursting into a catchy kick-ass breakup tune. This one show that no matter how conventionally attractive you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re a dick. If you have an horrible personality (and ugly heart) then that will show.

Jess suggests: You’re Such A – Hailee Steinfield

Hailee Steinfield has to be one of my favourite singers at the moment and this song is such an example of her musical talent. The catchy melody will have you dancing along, while you are telling your cheating ex that they have no chance of getting back with you!

Eve suggests: Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

It was released yeaaaars ago (12 years to be precise), but it’s still a winner. Feisty, furious, it encompasses all the angry feelings of being betrayed. She’s cutthroat, and shows that fuck you mentality. Maybe he’ll think next time before he cheats…

Jess suggests: I Know What You Did Last Summer – Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes

Seeing Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes team-up for this song was honestly a musical collaboration dream come true. This song talks about a relationship on the edge, with one half haven already drifted away to the arms of another, and the other just wanting the truth. Although a break-up has not already happened, it very much looks like it is heading in that direction. However, I hope this is not the end of Camila & Shawn collaborating. Please….

Eve suggests: Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

With a stomping drumbeat and a taut, aggressive guitar part, Go Your Own Way channels the darkening anger and angst brought up in an impending breakup. It’s a classic.

Jess suggests: This Time – Markus Riva

Markus talks about a woman who has directly lied to him multiple times, while begging for his forgiveness every time that she does something to hurt him, but now he has finally realised that he is better off without her. Even though this song is extremely catchy & will have you singing along, it does hold a very emotional story behind it.

Eve suggests: Better Man – Little Big Town

Written by a heartbroken Taylor Swift, everybody can identify with the sentiment of this song. A lot of times in life, there are things you have to walk away from that don’t necessarily feel like the greatest decision, but sometimes you just know that it’s time to move on. Better Man vulnerably expresses the process of courageously breaking free from a destructive relationship, and the internal conflicts you go through when this occurs.

Jess suggests: Ciao Adios – Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is saying “Ciao, adios, I’m done!” in this catchy pop classic, which tells the story of a girl finding out that the guy she is seeing is cheating on her. Anne-Marie certainly says it loud and clear in the catchy track. You tell them Anne-Marie!

Eve Suggests: Set Fire To The Rain – Adele

A mid-tempo song that builds tension from its opening notes, Adele sings from a place deep inside her which is soaked in pain. You share her pain. It’s strong and angry, and soothing in it’s own empowering way.

4. If They’re Just Not That Into You

Jess Suggests: More Than This – One Direction

For me, this song speaks on so many emotional levels. Through this acoustic pop ballad, One Direction tell a about a guy wanting to be with a girl, believing that he could love her more than the man she is does. Certainly a song for those of us who have seen someone we deeply care about go into the arms of another.

Eve suggests: Please – Samantha Harvey & Matt Terry

It’s that up-tempo song which has notes of sadness – I’ve just found you, please give me a chance – they’re just not into you enough, and it won’t last. It’s a heartbreaking, it’s rich and has the two dynamics of Matt Terry and Samantha bouncing off each other.

Jess suggests: Fall To The Floor – Ryan Dolan

“You say I’m dreaming, and that’s why you’re leaving to want it all, is that so bad?” is one of many emotional and pure lyrics that feature within this song, which talks about a relationship breaking apart, both unsure on if it is the right decision. I also believe that the delicate tone that features within Ryan voice, adds something extra to the already deeply emotional lyrics.

Eve suggests: Drunk Me – Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell’s raspy tones strike the heart strings in this heartfelt country anthem. It’s energetic, it’s sad, it makes you want to sing at the top of your voice in the shower. It’s a winner for anyone who had their heart broken.

Jess suggests: Without Your Love – Panagiotis Koufogiannis

In this song, Panagiotis pulls at all of your heartstrings by telling the woman in his life to go back to her true love, as he knows that he is truly the one she belongs with. I believe the first time I heard this song it actually brought a small tear to my eye. You just find yourself falling within the pure emotion behind this song.


Eve suggests: Hearts – Jessie Ware

“An earthquake came and tore us up.” That’s how a lot of us feel after a break up. A wandering, stop-start pace, “They say time’s a healer” – but how long is it meant to last? Jessie poses all the questions we ask when we feel in despair.

Jess suggests: Funny Girl – Laura Rizzotto

Laura’s incredible and soulful voice truly shines on this passionate number. Through the lyrics, “Funny Girl” tells a story about a woman falling in love with her best friend, but rather than tell him she keep prefers to make him amused instead. However, when she gets the courage to tell him her true feelings, it is too late.

Eve suggests: The Sun Is Rising – Britt Nicole

I’ll always remember this one, because it got me through one of my biggest heart breaks when I was young. It featured in The Other Woman, and I love it. It’s a slow increasing melody, which makes you realise there is something on the other side of the pain you’re going through. A new day is coming, and you’ll be okay.

Jess suggests: Rain – The Script

When the love of your life just leaves you unexpectedly, what are you meant to do? In this song, The Script tries to find the answer to this question without little success. Even when they believe they are ready to move on to someone new, they still find themselves yearning for their past love.

Eve Suggests: I Can’t Fall In Love Without You – Zara Larsson

Zara gives us all the feels of someone who loves someone who won’t love her back. It’s mid-tempo with stronger underlying beat, which can relate to anyone who doesn’t want to see the person they love move on.

5. If You’re Moving On

Jess suggests: Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

This song is full of incredibly sassy lyrics, which really speaks volumes when talking about seeing the person who treated you badly with your head held high, while also “feelin’ like a 10, the best i’ve ever been”. Such a tune!


Eve suggests: Life’s About To Get Good – Shania Twain

Probably my favourite moving on track. Poor Shania really went through the mill with her own relationships and you can hear that in this song. Her husband of 15 years had a long running affair with her best friend. Ouch. It’s about how despite being left so. unbelievably. broken. She can find the strength to move on and be happy. It reminds us that it will take a long time to move on, but you can do it.


Jess suggests: Comprende (It’s Over) – Sweet California

In this song, Sweet California are ready to move on by saying “We’re like a hundred different kinds of done, comprende it’s over!” in this catchy pop track. I honestly love the passion from Sweet California on this track. I could just listen to this song on repeat for days!

Eve suggests: Too Little Too Late – JoJo

A real throwback, Jojo gives us all the early noughties feels that we have ALL felt. I’ve legit used the line “it’s too little, too late” IRL because it’s just so perfect. They realised what they lost, too late. And that’s not okay – they didn’t appreciate you for everything you are and coming back isn’t going to change that.

Jess suggests: Bye, Bye, Bye – NYSNC

You can’t deny that this song is still a classic, with its dance-pop vibe, NYSNC speak about wanting to walk away from a relationship, and being ready to move on from the relationship they want to be free from.

Eve Suggests: Get Over Yourself – Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea screams “I. am. over. you”, in this cute country tune. She’s sassy, she doesn’t care about her ex. This is a boppy tune which makes you want to sing along and dance.

Jess & Eve both suggest: Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

Eve says: I had this one on repeat. For about 10 days. It’s sassy, powerful and brilliant. It’s an all-round, I CAN LIVE WITHOUT YOU anthem. A must listen to anyone who realises they are so much better off.

Jess says: I am totally with Eve on this one; the moment this song came out I had it on replay for days! This song is just full of sassy and powerful lyrics, which has created one of the most perfect anthems for moving on from your ex.

Jess & Eve both suggest: Miss Movin’ On – Fifth Harmony

Eve says: It’s impressively instant, and certainly one of the best debut singles by a reality TV-cultivated act in recent memory. It’s a fist-pumping, jump-up-and-dance song, perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate moving on.

Jess says: The song that helped kick start Fifth Harmony’s career after The X Factor U.S. (Ah, memories), and has since become one of the most perfect anthems for celebrating moving on. The way that they harmonize on this track added something a little extra to the passion and emotion behind this track, and hey, who else doesn’t belt the lyrics out whenever they hear this?

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