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Review: Alice Lynskey Releases Brand New Single “Lovesick Rollercoaster”!

Alice lynskey lovesick rollercoaster

Following up from her stunning single earlier this year “Devil In Me”, Alice has released another stunning new track called “Lovesick Rollercoaster”!

For me, this song has a very catchy hook, which really captures the full harmonic tone that features within Alice’s stunning voice.

The way that Alice has used the fiery passion, which lies within her voice to help build on the drama of the song helps to show the creative musical talent that she possess.

I honestly believe that this talented lady is certainly an artist to be keeping an eye on in the music world. She’s talented, creative, and such a passionate determination. You just know that she is gonig to go far!

You can check out “Lovesick Rollercoaster” on Spotify below.

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