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Review: Victoria Duffield Releases Brand New Single “My Mistake”!

victoria duffield my mistake

Have you ever listened to a song and just known that you will be playing it on repeat for the next few weeks, months, maybe years? Well that is how I feel with Victoria Duffield’s brand new single “My Mistake”.

The song has such a catchy pop vibe to it, which will have you dancing along from the very first time that you hear it. However, while the song has a very upbeat melody, the lyrics have a very deep meaning behind them.

There is a saying that goes “Where words fail, music speaks”, which is exactly how I felt when I heard the lyrics to this song. I believe there are many of us who have wanted to say something like this to someone at some point in our lives, so the way that Victoria has been able to put that into a song, really is a true statement to her incredibly creative music talent.

You can check out “My Mistake” on Spotify below.

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