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Review: Ramona Nerra & Dr. Mako feat. Mnday Release Catchy New Single “Sorry (For You)”!

sorry ramona

Ramona Nerra, Dr. Mako & Mnday have teamed-up on the incredibly catchy new single “Sorry (For You)”.

The song features a very catchy & danceable beat, which perfectly features alongside lyrics, which will have you singing along from the very first listen.

On this track, I believe that the way this talented trio have brought their unique musical style’s together, and created such an epic track, is truly inspiring!

I believe that the way the vocals combine so well together, while also shining individually is a true statement to the pure and unique talent that each of these performers have.

I honestly believe that this song has all the makings of a future summer hit. I would honestly recommend this song to anyone to check out.

You can check out “Sorry (For You)” below.

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