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Review: Melyz Releases Catchy New Single “Dancefloor”!

melyz dancefloor

It was not long ago, that Mélanie René announced her return to music, with the brand new name Melyz, plus her catchy new single “Dancefloor”!

For me, I personally feel that this song let’s Melyz showcase her stunning and captivating vocals, while also giving a strong taste of her unique musical style.

I really love how you a get strong feel of Melyz’s musical style, and the artist that she wants to be, and be doing that I believe that it really captures the attention of anyone who listens to this song.

The lyrics are very catchy, and have you dancing and singing along from the first few listens. I know that this song will be heading straight onto my 2018 playlist!

Overall, I believe that song really showcases Melyz’s creative talents, while also showing her unique and pure vocals. I really can’t wait to see is next for Melyz!

You can check out “Dancefloor” on Spotify below.

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