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Review: Hailey Benedict Releases Catchy New Single “Crazy”!

crazy hailey benedict

The very talented Hailey Benedict has released her brand new single “Crazy”, which really gives you a taste of Hailey’s unique and stunning musical style.

The song really captures your attention from the very first listen, and features a range of catchy lyrics, which you can’t help but want to sing out loud.

I believe that this song really captures the passion within Hailey’s stunning and unique voice, and really shows what a talented musician which she is. I honestly believe that the passion that features within Hailey’s voice really shows through the entire song, and really does draw you in from the very first listen.

I feel like I have already fallen in love with this song, and believe it has the  makings of a future hit record. You just know that Hailey has such a strong and bright musical future lying ahead of her.

You can check out “Crazy” on Spotify below.

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