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Review: Kären McCormick Vocals Shine On “Just A Song”!

karen just a song

Kären McCormick has released her latest Country-Pop single “Just A Song”, and after listening to this, I can gurantee that this is way more than ‘Just A Song’!

For me, this song features a range of captivating lyrics, with a melody that perfectly accompanies the story behind the song. I honestly started falling in love with this song from only a few seconds of listening.

I also believe that this song really reflects the emotional tone behind Kären’s unique and stunning voice. You can really see that that is such a huge music career ahead of this truly talented artist.

Overall, I have to say that this is a song I would suggest to anyone to check out. I really believe that this song really showcases Kären incredible talent, and I honestly think this has the making of a future hit record.

You can check out “Just A Song” below.

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