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Review: Sarah Darling Releases Emotional Song “Wasted”!

wasted sarah darling

Country musician Sarah Darling has released her song “Wasted”, which is full of such pure & raw emotion.

The lyrics are full of such touching lyrics, which you can tell are very personal for Sarah. I find that the lyrics really tell such an emotional story, that I find myself able to connect with on a very deep level. I honestly had a tear in my eye the first time that I listened to it.

I also believe that Sarah’s unique and beautiful voice, really showcases the pure emotion within the lyrics, while also showing her incredible voice to the max.

I have to say that I have honestly fallen in love with this song, and believe that it showcases Sarah’s unique and incredible musical talent. I would honestly suggest checking this song out!

You can check out “Wasted” on Spotify below.

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