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Review: Chloe Adams & Once Monsters Join Forces For New Single “Messed Up”!

chloe adams messed up

The incredibly talented Chloes Adams & Once Monsters have joined forces on their stunning new single “Messed Up”, which is a song I gurantee you will be wanting to check out!

The song features a very addictive melody, which perfectly incorporates the mysterious feel of the lyrics. I love how the lyrics really capture your attention from the first few seconds of listening, and believe it perfectly suits both Chloe, and Once Monsters musical styles.

The way the their voices harmonize on this track is truly amazing, and I believe that their vocals really bring out that extra bit of emotion within the lyrics.

Overall, I believe that this really is an incredible song, and believe it shows the incredible musical talent of both Chloe & Once Monsgters. I really do believe that this song has all the makings of a hit written all over it. Amazing work from Chloe & Once Monsters, and I really hope we more collabs from them in the future!

You can check out “Messed Up” below.

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