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Review: Jenna Paulette Releases Stunning New Track “ILYSM”!

jenna ilysm

The very talented Jenna Paulette has released her latest track “ILYSM”, and this is a song you will be wanting to check out!

For me, this song features a very catchy hook, which really captures your attention from the very first listen, and features a range of very catchy lyrics, which I can almost gurantee, will have you singing along in no time.

I also believe that this song suits the style of Jenna’s voice perfectly, and really brings out the pure tone’s of her stunning vocals.

Overall, I am loving this track by Jenna, because I really believe it shows what a truly talented artist that she is, and really shows her stunning voice to the max. I would honestly suggest checking out this song!

You can check out “ILYSM” on Spotify below.

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