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Review: Kaitlyn Baker Releases Amazing New Song “Blackbird”!

kaitlyn baker blackbird

Kaitlyn Baker has released her brand new track “Blackbird”, and I can 100% say that I have already fallen in love with this song!

For me, I really love this song, because of the way that Kaitlyn’s unique and stunning vocals showcases such passion through the duration of the song, and really brings out the raw emotion within the lyrics.

I believe that this song really shows what a talented artist Kaitlyn is, and I just knew within the first few seconds of listening that I was going to fall in love with this song.

Overall, I believe that this song really gives Kaitlyn’s vocals a real chance to shine, and really showcases her stunning musical talent. I would honestly suggest checking this song out!

You can check out “Blackbird” on Spotify below.

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