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Review: Markus Riva Vocals Shine In Catchy “This Time”!

markus riva this time

In a few weeks time, the first live shows of Supernova 2018 will begin, and one of the songs taking part in this years contest is “This Time” by Markus Riva.

The song “This Time” will be performed by Markus Riva, and was written by Markus Riva, Quincy Lorel Thompson, Edgars Krastiņš (ELVL), & Kaspars Ansons.

For me, I really love the lyrics and catchy melody behind the song, which to me, suits the tone of Markus voice perfectly.

I also believe that this song suits Markus Riva’s musical style so well, which is why I believe his voice simply just shines through the entrie song, because I believe when a song suits the musical style of a musician, the emotion from that singers vocals really helps bring out the emotion behind that songs lyrics perfectly!

Overall, I have to say that this is one of my favourite songs at the moment, and I honestly can’t help but want to sing and dance along every time that I hear it. This is a very strong song from Markus, and I honestly believe that it will do well in Supernova. Best of luck Markus!

You can check out the song “This Time” below.

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