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Review: Camila Cabello Releases Debut Self-titled Album ‘Camila’!

Camila Cabello Album
Photo: Camila Cabello “Camila” Album.

It has been just over a year since Camila Cabello departed from the group Fifth Harmony to pursue her career as a solo artist, and now, after a very exciting build-up, Camila Cabello has finally released her self-titled album ‘Camila‘. Feel free to scream with excitment!

The album ‘Camila‘, features a 10-track listing, including the worldwide hit “Havana” featuring Young Thug.

The album features a range of different and charasmatic songs, which shows Camila’s diverse range as an artist. In my opinion each song has a very different vibe to it, which shows Camila’s unique musical talent, yet she also finds a way to stay true to her musical stylings on every single song, which is a sign of a very talented artist.

Some of the songs that stood out for me on the album include, Never Be The Same, She Loves Control, Havana (Obviously), Consequences. & Something’s Gotta Give.

I love how each song has a different personal connection to Camila, which draws you in to certain songs with it’s personal emotional connection,  like for one example “Something’s Gotta Give“, which draws you in deep within the lyrics of the songs because of the pure emotion behind Camila’s voice through the entire the song.

Overall, I believe that this a very strong debut album from Camila Cabello. The album really has shown Camila for the unique and talented musician that she is & I honestly can’t help but find myself wanting to go back and listen to it over & over again.

You can check out ‘Camila’ on Spotify below.

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