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Selecția Națională 2018 Reviews: Denisa Trofin Showcases Stunning Vocals On Emotional Song “Tears”!

Photo: Denisa Trofin “Tears” YouTube Video.

In this series of blogs I have been taking a look at some of the songs that will be taking part in the semi-finals of Selecția Națională 2018, and today I will be reviewing the song “Tears” by Denisa Trofin.

The song “Tears” is full of such strong and passionate lyrics, which really does give Denisa a chance to showcase her passionate and emotional vocals to the max.

I honestly believe that this song is such a perfect match for Denisa, because the pure eligance and emotion of the lyrics really suit the pure beauty of her vocals, that just helps to carry that extra emotion into the song.

Overall, I really do love this song & hope it does well within the contest. Best of luck Denisa!

You can check out “Tears” below.

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