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Review: Jasmine Abela Vocals Shine In Passion Filled “Supernovas”!

Jasmine Supernova
Photo: TVM

The final 16 songs for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 have been released, so I thought I would share with you a few reviews from some of the songs taking part in the contest, and today I bring you my review for “Supernovas” by Jasmine Abela.

The song “Supernovas” will be performed by Jasmie, and was written by Charlie Mason & Jonas Thander.

The song has a very strong build leading from the first verse into the chorus, which showcases the emotional and captivating lyrics to the fullest.

I believe that this song gives Jasmine an amazing opportunity to show the unique and angelic tones to her voice.  I think this song is an incredible statement for both Charlie & Jonas songwriting talents, because the song features such a range of pure and passionate lyrics, which suits Jamine’s musical style incredibly well.

Overall, I believe that this song is such a perfect match for Jasmine, because the passion and power behind the lyrics match Jasmine’s musical passion perfectly, which to me, creates a pure musical partnership.

You can check out “Supernovas” below.

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