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Top 100 Songs Released In 2017 – Part Three!


list threeWith so many truly amazing songs being released in 2017 only felt right to give a shout out to some of my personal favourites from the year.

Today, I will be bringing you the third part of my personal 100 favourite songs from the year (Check out part one & two). Please note that this is just my opinion, and I have not ranked the songs in any order, and they are all amazing and it is impossible to rank them!

Hope you enjoy!

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift brought out the sass with the single “Look What You Made Me Do” & I believe that is one of the reasons I really love it!

With its insanely catchy lyrics, you just find yourself singing along every time that you hear it. I just can’t help but keep it on replay!

Beth Crowley – I Am Not Nothing

Beth really is one of the most pure and heart touching singers out there, and with songs like “I Am Not Nothing” it really shows what a talented artist she is.

The lyrics can connect to us all in one way or another, and Beth’s voice just adds so much more emotion to the lyrics. It’s a great reflection of the talented artist that she is.

OG3NE – Lights & Shadows

If you are looking for a song full of personal and pure emotion then “Lights & Shadows” is the song you need to check out.

The lyrics are very relatable, and when you mix it with the angelic voices of OG3NE you can be forgiven for getting a tear in your eye.

Sofia Carson Ft Alan Walker – Back To Beautiful

For me, Sofia Carson has such a talented and unique voice that really gets a chance to shine of the stunning single “Back To Beautiful”.

The song is something I think we all need to hear at the moment & spreads such a powerful message.

Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill

Ed Sheeran really did treat us with so many unique and catchy songs this year, including the amazing “Castle On The Hill”.

This really personal song really reflects Ed for the incredible musician that he is, and for me I think this has to be one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs of all time.

Louis Tomlinson Ft Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals – Back To You

This has to be one of the catchiest songs of the year.  With its insanely danceable lyrics & melody, mixed with Louis & Bebe’s vocals, it really is no surprise why myself, and so many people are in love with this song!

Ace Wilder – Wild Child

Whenever you hear Ace Wilder is releasing a new song, mark it in your diaries because you know that it is going to be good!

Ace has such stunning vocals, and on songs like “Wild Child” they really do get a chance to shine. With it’s fun and catchy beat, you will find yourself dancing along to this song for days!

Jenna Paulette – Coolest Girl In The World

Jenna really has all the makings of a star. The way her vocals shine on this song actually makes you think maybe she could be the ‘coolest girl in the world’.

This song features a very catchy melody that suits Jenna’s amazing voice perfectly. You will fall in love with this song from the first time that your listen to it.

Samantha Harvey – Forgive Forget

This song really reflects the talented musician I believe Samantha to be. With its heart touching lyrics, you will find yourself listening to this song over and over again.

I find myself listening to this song most days as I can find it connecting with a few moments in my life, and when you find yourself doing that, I honestly believe that shows  what a stunning song it is.

4th Impact – Unleash The Diva

4th Impact have some of the most dynamic voices I have ever heard, and when you place it with a song as sassy and dynamic as “Unleash The Diva” you are in for a real treat.

The way their vocals work together is always incredible, and for me shows what stars they really are. If you have not listened to this song yet, then I highly recommend that you do!


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