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Top 100 Songs Released In 2017 – Part Four!

Top 100 songs 2017 list four

With 2017 slowly coming to a close, I have been looking back at some of my personal favourite songs that have been released in the past year.

Today, I bring you the fourth part of my top 100 songs from 2017. Just note, that this is just my personal opinion, and they are not ranked in any order as it was basically impossible to do that.

Hope you enjoy!

Zayn & Sia –Dusk Till Dawn

The way that Zayn and Sia’s voices work together is simply stunning, and our full of such raw emotion that matches the emotion of the song perfectly.

I swear I listen to this song every single day as it is just so catchy. I think I am not the only one who would love to see more duets between Zayn and Sia in the future.

Elysa – Amora

Elysa has one of the most stunning vocals ever, and you are always know you are in for a treat when she releases new music.

One of my favourite songs from her this year is “Amora”, with its catchy feel good summer vibes, you won’t help but fall in love from the first time you hear it.

Rachel Platten – Collide

Rachel has one of the most pure and unique voices out there, and I feel that every song she releases is full of different emotions, that you find yourself connecting with them all in different ways.

I feel that “Collide” is such a stunning song, and really reflects what a talented musician Rachel is.

April Jai – The Last Goodbye

April really is a singer you will need to keep an eye on. With her stunning vocals and catchy song, there really is no stopping her.

When you hear songs like “The Last Goodbye”, you really get a taste of the genius musical talents behind April. I would honestly suggest checking this song out!

Chloe Adams – Pretty’s On The Inside

This has to be one of the most pure and emotional songs of the year. The way that “Pretty’s On The Inside” can connect to us all on such an emotional level, really shows what a talented artist Chloe really is. I can safely say you would be forgiven for having a tear in your eye after listening to this.

Adam Dolan – Change The Record

Adam really does have a fantastic voice, and I personally believe “Change The Record” gives him a chance to show what a great voice her really has.

The song has such powerful and emotional lyrics, which is reflected in Adam’s emotional vocal tones. This is a song I would highly recommend checking out.

Camilla Cabello – Crying In The Club

Camilla really does have a pure and sassy voice, which really does shine on the very catchy “Crying In The Club”.

I would honestly say that this is one of the catchiest songs of the year, and I know I won’t be alone in saying that once you start listening to this you just can’t stop.

S.O.S – Bloodline

Sophie really does have such a unique and stunning voice. The way she always releases such unique songs is a sign of what a talented musician she really is.

I honestly love how “Bloodline” gives her a chance to show her unique vocals to the max and for me that really is the sign of a great musician.

Dua Lipa – New Rules

This song really is one of the catchiest songs I think I have ever heard. With its sassy lyrics, you can’t help but dance and sing along every time that you hear it.

I also believe Dua’s unique vocals really add something extra to the song, and I know I won’t be alone in putting this song on repeat for days on end.

Maddy Rose – Save Myself

Maddy really does have such a pure and soulful voice, which really does reflect on the emotion of lyrics in “Save Myself”.

This song really shows what a stunning and talented musician Maddy is and you just know there is so much more amazing things for her to come. I would honestly suggest checking this song out.

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