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Top 100 Songs Released in 2017 – Part One!

Top 100 Songs 2017 List One

This year has been full of so many brand new songs gracing our lives. They have done everything from touch our hearts, to getting us dancing along for days on end. So I thought I would bring you 100 of my favourite songs released in 2017.

The list includes the first 10 songs from my personal top 100 songs from 2017. I have not ranked them in any order as I love them all so much, so it was basically impossible to do that.

I hope you really enjoy this list!

The Script – Rain

Wahoo! This year The Script returned with the stunning single “Rain”, and ever since it was released I find myself playing this song almost every day.

It features a range of very catchy lyrics that you can’t but sing along with every time that you hear it.

Lights – Giants

This year Lights released her brand new album “Skin & Fire”, and brought a variety of stunning songs into our lives. With one of them being “Giants”.

For me, I find this song very empowering, and believe it sends such a strong a powerful meaning, and shows Lights for the talented musician that she truly is.

Camila Cabello Ft Young Thing – Havana

I know for a sure fact that I am not alone in instantly falling in love with this song from the moment that I heard it.

In “Havana”, Camila shows the stunning and sassy vocals that she has to the max. The song really does get you dancing along every time that you hear it. So if you see me dancing in the street, it’s probably because I am listening to “Havana”.

Lauren Carnahan – Criminal

This has to be one of the catchiest songs of the year. Lauren Carnahan shows what a unique and stunning voice she has with her single “Criminal”.

This song will have you singing along from the very time that you hear it. With its catchy melody & lyrics, there was no way that I was not going to fall in love with this song.

Blanche – City Lights

With such a pure & captivating voice, we all knew there was going to be great thing coming from Blanche, so it was not surprising when she released the stunning single “City Lights”.

The song “City Lights” features a range of truly captivating lyrics, that draw you in from the first few seconds of listening.

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You

Well I think you knew that Ed was going to be making an appearance on this list. With so many amazing songs released from Ed this year, I think you know he will be making more than once appearance. But for now, let’s focus on the stunning “Shape Of You”.

For me, “Shape Of You” is such a fun and catchy song, that you can’t help but sing and dance along when you hear it (Don’t deny it!).

Sophia Patsalides – Deep Blue Ocean

With such a pure and angelic voice, Sophia has such an amazing career in music ahead of her, and when you hear songs like “Deep Blue Ocean” it’s not hard to see why.

The song suits Sophia’s voice beautifully, and gives you a feel of the sort of artist that Sophia wants to become. She truly is a future star in the making.

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

With a pure and sassy voice like Demi’s, and a song as sassy as “Sorry Not Sorry” what is there not to love?

I think this song can connect to most of us in some way, and I think that is why I really do love this song so much. I swear this has become my anthem lately!

S.O.O.N – We Get It Right

What happens when Ryan & Wez team up? Pure musical magic of course!

This song showcases Ryan’s stunning vocals to the max, and you will honestly find this song getting stuck inside your head from the very first time that you hear it.

Samantha Jade – Circles On The Water

The pure angelic vocals of Samantha Jade truly shine on the fantastic single “Circles On The Water”.

There is no denying what a stunning voice Samantha has, and when you put it with a catchy song like “Circles On The Water” you will just find yourself wanting to keep this song on replay.

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