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10 Stunning Country Songs From 2017!

Favourite country songs 2017

With so many fantastic Country songs being released within 2017, I thought it would share with you 10 of my favourite Country songs from 2017.

  • Kalie Shorr – Two Hands

Kalie has such a unique and pure voice that you will fall in love with this song from the first time that you hear it. I honestly believe “Two Hands” gives Kalie to show the talented musician that she truly is.

  • Bailey Bryan – Own It

For me, “Own It” is such an amazing song, and features a range of lyrics that I think we can all connect with. I listen to this song almost everyday. If you have not hear this song yet, then I would honestly recommend you check this out.

  • Caroline Jones – Country Girl

When you hear a pure and angelic voice like that of Caroline Jones, you know that you truly are on to a winner.

With a song as pure as “Country Girl” it really gives you a chance to see the true passion of a musician & that is why I truly love listening to this song.

  • Tenille Arts – Rebel Child

Tenille has such a stunning and sassy voice that you really can’t help but want to keep on listening to her music, and with a song like “Rebel Child” you will want to keep on listening to this song. So you can’t say I have not warned you!

  • April Jai – The Last Goodbye

With such a pure song like “The Last Goodbye” you can’t help but want to keep this song on replay, and when you pair it with a voice as pure as April’s you are honestly in for a real treat listening to this.

  • Alyssa Trahan – Push Play

Alyssa has such a sweet and stunning voice, and for me “Push Play” is such a well written and fantastic song that suits her voice perfectly.

  • Leanne Pearson – Kiss Me Already

If you are looking for a song that you will just lose yourself in the moment with, this really is the song for you!

Leanne has such a stunning voice that fits with “Kiss Me Already” so well. You will honestly love it!

  • April Kry – While We’re Young

April really does have such an angelic voice, and when it you match it with a song like “While We’re Young” it really is such a match made in musical heaven.

  • Megan Golden – I Miss Missin’ You

With a song like “I Miss Missin You” you fall in love with it from the first time that you hear it. The song perfectly suits Megan’s unique and stunning voice so perfectly.

  • Jenna Paulette – Coolest Girl In The World

For me, “Coolest Girl In The World” is such a fresh and cool song that you just want to keep on listening to. I honestly love this song so much, and believe it suits her voice so well.

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