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Review: Tenille Arts Releases Stunning Album “Rebel Child”!

Tenille Arts rebel child

I was just having a little look through some of the new album releases, when I found “Rebel Child” by Tenille Arts, and thought I would give it a little review!

You know that feeling you get, when you listen to a new song, and instantly fall in love with it, and want to keep listening to it, over and over again? Well, that is what I felt when I found this album.

What Tenille has done with her album, is simply amazing. The tracks that feature on “Rebel Child” really give Tenille a chance to show her stunning and beautiful vocals. Her voice is just so unique, and you just know that you are listening to a superstar in the making.

Some of my favourite tracks from the album include “Rebel Child”, “Outta My Mind”, and “Cold Feet”. However, each and every track features such a unique quality, that suits Tenille’s voice so well, and honestly, all I want to do is keep listening to this album.

Tenille should be incredibly proud of this, and I know I am far from alone in thinking there is such a massive career ahead of Tenille.

You can check out “Rebel Child” below.

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