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Review: Rachel Platten Vocals Shine On New Song “Collide”!

Rachel Platten Collide
Photo: Rachel Platten “Collide” Audio Video.

With the release of her upcoming album ‘Waves’, only a week away, the build-up has got many fans (Including me), getting ready for the release, and now Rachel has released the next song to feature on her album called “Collide”.

With the recent releases of the inspirational “Broken Glass”, and “Perfect For You”, Rachel has now released the audio for “Collide”, and in my opinion, this song really features such a passionate message, and by featuring that message, the lyrics really do draw you in when you listen.

The melody suits the tone of Rachel’s vocals beautifully well, and really suits the meaning behind the song. You can easily tell that this song means so much to Rachel, and after listening to this, you find yourself getting even more excited for the full album release, which is on the 27th October 2017.

You can check out the audio for “Collide” below.