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Review: Brett Kissel Releases Official Video For Stunning Song “We Were That Song”!

Brett Kissel We Were That Song

Brett Kissel has released the official video for the song “We Were That Song”, and this is a song you will honestly be going to check out!

The song is very catchy, and features a range of lyrics I believe we could all relate with, in some way. The lyrics really do speak to you, and I think that is why the song gets stuck inside your head from the very time you listen.

Brett’s vocals really suit the song perfectly, and I feel that this really shows him for the type of artist he is, and I also believe we get a taste of his personality in there as well.

If you are a massive country fan, or just love songs that will have you singing the lyrics over, and over again then I promise you, this is a song you will 100% be wanting to check out.

The official video is very well put together, and the story of it, is very clear from the start. I think it perfectly suits the song, and helps you relate even more with the lyrics.

You can check out the official video for “We Were That Song” below.