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Review: Ryan Dolan Vocals Shine On “Deep Covers”!

Ryan Dolan Deep Coverrs

Ryan Dolan has released a brand new album called “Deep Covers”, which features a wide range of covers, that really gives Ryan a chance to showcase his stunning vocals.

The album features a very wide range of covers, that all fit with Ryan’s voice in a very unique way. When you first listen to “Deep Covers” you will get lost with the sweet & beautiful tones of each song, that you will be wanting to keep listening to it (Can’t say I have not warned you!).

A few of my favourites songs from the album include, “New Rules” & “Stay”. However, I do find myself listening to the full album over, and over again.

I’ve said it so many times that Ryan has such a unique and amazing voice, and I still 100% stand by that. On this album he really shows the delicate tone of his voice.

You can check out “Deep Covers” below.