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A Shout Out To…. Lilly Singh Aka IISuperwomanII!

Lilly singh
Photo: IISuperwomanII Facebook.

As you know, every now and again I give out little shout out’s to YouTubers, song writers, and make-up artists whose work in their field is truly amazing, and today I felt this is a very long overdue shout out to one very special YouTuber in particular. Lilly Singh.

I know I will not be the only one who has been inspired by Lilly’s work over the years, and I felt it was time to give her a very special shout out.

The way Lilly has managed to create such a global audience, full of happy & inspiring moments is something I believe we all aspire to do, and the way she uses her voice to help and inspire is something she should be incredibly proud about.

Another thing I am so grateful for Lilly for, is her book “How To Be A Bawse”. After reading this it have literally helped me get through low moments, and inspires me not to give up. I will reread chapters when I start worrying about a choice I make, or an article idea I want to write, and it give me the courage to go ahead and do them. So thank you Lilly!

lilly singh book

I know I am far from alone in wanting to thank Lilly for everything she has done, not only to inspire me, but also help & inspire those who need it most. I honestly wish I could do more to thank you than this shout out, and I hope one day I can.

So thank you Lilly for everything you have done, and for all the joy and inspiration you have brought into this world.

You can check out Lilly YouTube channel IISuperwomanII by clicking here.

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