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Review: Maisie Peters Releases “Place We Were Made”!

maisie peters

The very talented Maisie Peters has released her brand new song “Place We Were Made” & I have simply fallen in love with it.

For me, this song has such a beautiful and sweet melody that draws you in from the very first time that you listen to it, and I also believe that the melody suits the very personal lyrics well, and really does help tell you a story. Honestly, after you listen to this once, you will be wanting to keep this song on replay.

You just know that there is such a huge music career ahead for Maisie, and with songs like “Place We Were Made” it is very easy to see why. She has such a unique and passionate song writing ability, and such a beautiful voice to match, and like I’ve said, with talents like those, you know Maisie is heading for great things.

You can check out “Place We Were Made” below.

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