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Review: Maraaya & BQL Release Brand New Single “It’s Complicated”!

Maraaya & BQL It's Complicated
Photo: Maraaya & BQL “It’s Complicated” Video.

Maraaya & BQL have teamed up on the brand new single “It’s Complicated” & there is nothing complicated about how good it is!

The lyrics are just so incredibly catchy, that they will have you dancing along from the very first listen, So sorry to anybody who see’s my bad dance moves blame this song for being so catchy!

The harmonies on “It’s Complicated” blend so well together and suit the tone of the song perfectly.

Overall, I believe Maraaya & BQL have created such a fantastic song that suits both of their musical styles perfectly. I honestly believe we could be hearing this song a lot this summer.

You can check out “It’s Complicated” below.

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