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Review: Lena Showcases Her Emotions On “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter”

Lena If I Wasn't Your Daughter
Photo: Lena “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” Official Video.

Lena has released the  official video for her song “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” & this song is full on incredible emotion.

The lyrics for “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter”are full of such emotion, and connect with a majority of people (Including myself). The way Lena carry’s the emotion of the lyrics is just incredible.

If you have heard any of Lena’s previous songs you will know she has such a unique and stunning voice and “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” continues that trend, as Lena bring a whole new level of emotion to the song with the passion she has in her voice. It simply is captivating.

You can listen to “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” below.

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