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Wrestlemania 33: Another Historic Chapter In The Women’s Revolution


With Wrestlemania 33 officially coming to a close, and we all recover from the shocking moments from last night’s amazing show, I felt it was time to reflect on both the Women’s title matches from Wrestlemania 33 and their impact on the Women’s revolution.

Just a warning, this article obviously contains spoilers from Wrestlemania 33, so if you don’t want to know what happens I would walk away now.

Kicking off things is the RAW’s Women’s title fatal 4-way elimination match.  The match contained Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Charlotte, and of course the Raw Women’s Champion, Bayley.

The match started of strongly, and kept a great momentum all the way through.  Each woman demonstrated their in ring momentum to their greatest ability, and should all be incredibly proud of themselves.


Nia Jax was the first to be eliminated, and even though we did not to get see much from her, we did get to see her incredible strength, and I think it’s safe to say she is going to be one to watch in the next few months. Next to be eliminated was the boss herself, Sasha Banks. What else can I say apart from she just kills it every time she steps foot in that ring. And last night she certainly gave another strong performance. The person to eliminate Sasha was of course Charlotte, who with her strong athleticism, certainly showed last night why she is a 4x Women’s champion. Finally, the Women’s Champion herself, Bayley, 100% showed why she is champ last night, with her bubbly personality, and strong athletic ability, I believe Bayley has a long title run ahead of her.

The second Women’s title match to take place was of course the Smackdown Women’s title match, which was a six-pack challenge. First of all, like most fans I was delighted when this match got added back to the main card, and last night I believe the Smackdown Women’s division certainly showed that they deserved to be on the main card. Each woman demonstrated their wrestling ability to the highest level, and it certainly made it an enjoyable match to watch.


Even though I predicted Naomi to win several days ago, I certainly believe she is a very worthy winner. Her in ring athletic skills are just fantastic, and I believe it’s going to take something special to take away the title from her.

A massive congratulations to both Bayley & Naomi on their title wins!


Overall, I believe both matches were certainly another strong chapter in the way of the Women’s revolution, and I believe that every single woman who took part should be incredibly proud.  I can honestly say I can’t wait to see what is next in the way of the Women’s revolution.