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Prediction: Wrestlemania 33 Smackdown Women’s Championship Match!

Wrestlemania 2017 Smackdown women match

So, with Wrestlemania not very far away, you can feel the excitement in the air, and with a great match card in place, you have every right to be!

I thought today I would take a look at the Smackdown Women’s Title match, and talk about my prediction of who I think will come out victorious on the night!

Now, the line up of talent on the Smackdown Women’s roster is just incredible, and so I can already say with certain this is going to be a brilliant match. But who will be coming out the Smackdown Women’s Champion?

Let’s first take a look at the prospect of two time Smackdown Women’s champion Alexa Bliss retaining the title. Well the odds are certainly stacked against her, but this 5 feet of fury certainly knows how to handle herself when things get tough.  Alexa retaining the title would certainly but good in the way of a long title run, and her in ring ability definitely shows why she is the current champion. But will her reign end at Wrestlemania? That is sadly a possibility.

Photo: WWE

Who could be the one to take Alexa’s title I hear you ask? Well, the odds on favourite has to be the woman who recently beat Alexa to become to Women’s champion, Naomi.

I believe Naomi definitely deserves to be a two time Smackdown Women’s Champion, because her in ring ability is just insane. I honestly do believe that Naomi will be walking out of Wrestlemania as a 2x Women’s champion.

Photo: WWE

Of course there are many of the remaining participants who could also be walking out champion. Mickie James could also be one to watch as her short lived friendship with Alexa, in which she helped Alexa retain over Becky Lynch, could mean Mickie might walk out the champion and we see the rivalry step up between the pair.

Also, do not write off the likes of the first woman to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and all around superstar, Becky Lynch. If Becky was to win the title, there are a number of angles WWE could go with this. She would of course become a two time women’s champion for starters, and also could lead the way for another amazing rivalry with Alexa.

Photo: WWE

But, could WWE be going with a totally different angle and the win by going to Carmella or Natalya?

Both women have been caught up in a various angles away from the title picture in recent months, but could all that be about to change? It could be a strong possibility with the likes of Natalya, as her rivalry with Nikki Bella looks to have ended for a while; Nat could be the newest champion. She certainly has a strong personality, and wrestling ability to match.

One thing we must not also forget is there have been a number of rumours lately of past women wrestlers returning for this match, with the likes of Kelly Kelly, and Eve being favourites to return, I certainly think we would all “Holla” with excitement if this happened!

Overall, if I had to call who I think was going to win I would say Naomi, however I am really excited for this match as there are a number of ways WWE could go with this, and even though I believe Naomi will be heading out as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, I also believe it could be anyone’s chance, and I believe that this match will certainly have us on the edge of our seats!

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