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10 Of My Favourite WWE Female Superstar Themes From 2016!

Photo: WWE Music

With 2016 slowly drawing to a close, I thought it would be a fun idea to share 10 of my favourite WWE Female Superstar themes from 2016.

This is just my personal opinion of the songs, and this list only includes 10 of my favourite themes, as I love so many of them. Thi list also includes themes that were used currently, or at some point during 2016.

Sasha Banks – Sky’s The Limit

What can I say, the boss has created history in so many ways, that I just can’t help but love her. From her amazing in ring ability, to her strong personality, this woman is an absolute legend!

Another thing I adore about Sasha Banks, is her amazing entrance theme “Sky’s The Limit”, which really suits her strong personality. I honestly believe this theme is 100% perfect for Sasha.

Billie Kay – Femme Fatale

Now, I gotta admit, I am a MASSIVE Billie Kay fan, and have been for quite a while now. I love her strong persona inside the ring, and believe that she is just a natural wrestling talent.

When I heard Billie Kay would be getting a new theme, I was excited, but also a little nervous as I loved her past theme songs a lot. However, any doubts I did have were immediately shattered when “Femme Fatale” came out. This song is just perfectly suited for Billie Kay, and I feel helps gives her a stronger presence during her entrance.

Ember Moon – Free The Flame

Another very strong talent from NXT is Ember Moon. This woman is just dominating in many ways, from her amazing personality, to her athletic in ring ability. She just has it all.

I feel “Free The Flame” is a very strong match for Ember, and it’s a theme I think makes you straight away think “Yep, this woman gonna dominate this match”, and 100% of the time she does.

Bayley – Turn It Up

What can you not love about Bayley? No, seriously, what is there not to love? From her bubbly and fun personality, to her amazing and strong in ring ability. This woman is just incredible!

A few months ago I went to my first WWE show (NXT Plymouth) and when Bayley’s theme hit, the room (and me) totally went nuts. Everyone there just wanted to see (and hug) Bayley.

I believe her theme is perfectly suited to her, and you can’t help but sing along every time you hear it.

Nikki Bella (Bella Twins) – You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch)

One of the greatest Diva champions (Hopefully soon Smackdown Women’s Champion) of all time. Nikki is just so talented, and a strong inspiration to many young girls.

I have said in a previous article how a match involving Nikki Bella made me turn a corner in my life (You can read here), and to me she is just an inspiration.

Nikki’s theme is one you just can’t help but sing along with every time you hear it, and for me, will be one of my favourite all time themes.

Becky Lynch – Celtic Invasion

One of the greatest wrestlers EVER. Becky Lynch is just so so so so so talented, and with her amazing personality (That I think we can all relate to in some way), you can’t help but love her.

Her theme “Celtic Invasion” is just amazing. Every time I hear it I get really excited (Not sure if that’s because Becky is about to come to the ring, or I love the song…..), and in my opinion, I believe this theme (Along with Nikki’s) is one of my all time favourite themes.

Carmella – Fabulous

What can you not love about Carmella? She’s sassy, incredibly talented, and she’s F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s  (Sorry….).

Story time! Last year for a college project I decided to create a video explaining my idea for a short film, and one of the songs I used for the video was “Fabulous” & I got a top mark for it (Wahoo, high five!).

I genuinely believe this song is perfect for Carmella, as it fits with her persona perfectly. And you can’t help but sing along with it every time you hear it (I got some looks at NXT Plymouth when I did….).

Aliyah – Fatal Fantasy

Aliyah is one of my favourite superstars currently in NXT, I believe she is going to go very far in WWE, with her strong personality, and unique in ring ability.

I believe this theme suits Aliyah really well, and although I have only heard this theme a few times, it certainly is a theme that you can’t forget.

Nia Jax – Force Of Greatness

All I can say is Nia Jax is just amazing. Her strong wrestling ability, and personality, is certainly an inspiration to many.

Her theme is personally a favourite of mine, and I feel like I can relate to it a bit. I 100% think this is the perfect theme for Nia Jax, and can’t wait to see what is in store for her in the future.

Liv Morgan – Livin Large

Another one of my favourite superstars from NXT is Liv Morgan, this girl is just amazing in so many ways, and she has such a sweet, but also very strong personality, that I think she will go onto inspire many people.

Her theme song just fits her perfectly, and every time I hear it, all I do is dance along (Yes I dance along) to it. I believe it demonstrates the strength to Liv’s personality.