Favourite 100 Songs Released In 2016 (80-71)

Photo: Darline Facebook/Lindsey Stirling/Sofia Carson Facebook

With so many fantastic songs released in 2016, I thought it would be a really fun idea to create my top 100 songs released this year and share them with you. Today, I am bringing you the next ten songs from my list.

If you have not seen yet, I have been counting down my favourite songs from 2016 (Click Here & Here to see them) and today I am carrying on with the next ten from my list. This list is just made up of my personal opinion and was really hard to rank as I lvoe all the songs so much.

80. New Girl – Reggie N Bollie

One of my favourite duos from the X Factor UK, Reggie N Bollie certainly know how to get you up and dancing along to their performances. “New Girl” is such a catchy song that you really can’t help but dance along with everytime you hear it.

79. Better Place – Rachel Platten

Ever sing Rachel Platten released “Fight Song” I can not help but follow her music as she keeps bringing us such amazing hits. “Better Place” certainly is a very feel good song that really helps bring a a good mood to your day. Rachel’s voice has such a lovely tone to it, I really think there is nothing this girl can not sing.

78. I Came To Love You – Alexander Rybak

I have been a fan of Alexander Rybak since he won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, with the song “Fairytale”. “I Came To Love You” is certainly one of my favourite tracks from Alexander’s music portfolio, s it really is a song that you can’t but sing along with. Certainly a song you should check out.

77. Get Up And Party – Antonia Ft Achi

Antonia is one of my favourite Romania artists, and this will certainly not be the only song of hers you will see on this list. “Get Up And Party” certainly will get you in a mood to party. With is funky beat it’s certainly a track you can’t help but love.

76. Awesome – Nicole Cross

I came across Nicole Cross one day whille looking through YouTube, and after listening to her covers I thought that she had such an incredible voice, so when she announced she was going to release “Awesome” I was pretty excited, and was not dissapointed. “Awesome” Iss a really catchy songs with a melody you can’t help but tap along to. If you have not heard it yet I really think you should give it a listen. I can’t help but la la love it!

75. Until Tomorrow – Darline

Next up on this list is the very talented duo Darline, with their song “Until Tomorrow”. Darline took part in the United Kingdom selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with “Until Tomorrow”, and that was the place I fell in love with it. With such amazing lyrics like “If you’ve never seen the dark, then you’ve never seen stars”, this song really captures you with it’s catchy melody and Darline’s amazing vocals.

74. I’ve Been Waiting For This Night – Donny Montell

Carrying on with the Eurovision theme , Donny Montell represented Lithuania for the second time this year with the song “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”. This song is one of my favourite songs from Donny. The melody is so enticing, and you really can’t help but get up and dance along everytime you hear it.

73. Hold My Heart – Lindsey Stirling Ft ZZ Ward

I will put my hands up right now and say I am a massive fan of Lindsey and have been for several years, so do not expect this to be the only song of hers to feature on this list. “Hold My Heart” is aperfect match for Lindsey and ZZ Ward, the two work so well together on this track, and you really can’t help but get caught up in the catchy lyrics and melody.

72. Activated – Cher Lloyd

Next up on the list, is the amazing Cher Lloyd and her song “Activated”.  I have enjoyed Cher Lloyd’s music and followed her career since seeing her on the X Factor UK, and with catchy songs like this you can not help but love Cher Lloyd.

71. I’m Gonna Love You – Sofia Carson

I told you that Sofia Carson would not only feature once on this list, and the next song of hers on the list is “I’m Gonna Love You”. This is my favourite song from Sofia herself, and I can’t help but keep putting it on replay. It is so catchy that you can’t help but dance along.