Favourite 100 Songs Released In 2016 (70-61)

top 100 70 61.png
Photo: Megan Nicole Facebook. Molly Sanden Facebook. Olivia Holt

If you have not seen yet, then I am currently counting down my favourite 100 songs released in 2016. Today, I will be bringing you the next 10 songs on that list.

These songs are just my personal favourite 100 songs of the year, and it was really hard to rank them as I love them all.

70. DNA – Lia Marie Johnson

Kicking off todays list is the super talented Lia Marie Johnson, with her song “DNA”. I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard this song it brought tears to my eyes. It’s such a powerful song, with such a strong message.

69. Play It Cool – Megan Nicole

I first found Megan Nicole from her cover of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swfit, and since have been following her music. “Play It Cool” is one of my favourite songs from Megan. For me it’s a song you can listen to, not matter what mood you are in.

68. Close – Nick Jonas Ft Tove Lo

Next up, is the amazing Nick Jonas & Tove Lo, with the song “Close”. I first heard this song on the radio and quickly turned it up because I could not help but la la love it!

67. Good Life – Sweet California

I found one of Sweet California’s songs about a year ago and since then have been a fan of their music. “Good Life” is really a great song to dance along with, and everytime I hear I just gotta dance along!

66. Phoenix – Olivia Hart

Next up, is the amazing Olivia Hart, and her song “Phoenix”. The song has a great melody to it, and really suits Olivias brilliant voice. check it out below.

65. Youniverse – Molly Sanden

I have been a fan of Molly Sanden since watching her in Melodifestivalen in 2012, and her song “Freak” is one of my favourite song of all time. This year Molly took part in Melodifestivalen again with the song “Youniverse”, and I admit it was one of my favourite songs from the contest. The song is so catchy, and matches Molly’s beautiful voice perfectly. If you have not hear it then you should check it out below.

64. Prisim – Lindsey Stirling

I told you that there would not be just one song from Lindsey Stirling on this list, and the next song hers to appear on the list is “Prisim”. Lindsey is so talented, and I feel that “Prisim” really reflects herself as an artist. I find that you can just keep listing over and over to the song and still enjoy it as much as you did the first time you heard it.

63. Grow Up – Olly Murs

If you don’t know me, well one thing you need to know is that I am a massive X Factor fan, and one of my favourite contestants from the UK version is Olly Murs. To be honest I don’t think i’ve heard a song of his I have not liked yet, and “Grow Up” is no exception. This song will certainly have you up dancing along, with it’s catchy melody, and catchy lyrics, you really can’t help but love it!

62. Kill Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez

I am a massive fan of Selena Gomez (What is not to love?), and “Kill Em With Kindness” is certainly one of my favourite songs from her. It’s a song I can’t help put play over and over again (it’s so catchy!).

61. Final Song – MØ

Well I certainly hope this won’t be her ‘final song’. This song is so so so so so so so catchy, that I really can’t stop listening to it. 100% one of my favourite songs of the year.