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REVIEW: Charlotte Grayson Releases The New Album “Sugar Coat”!

Following the success of her debut album “Grow”, Acclaimed UK singer-songwriter Charlotte Grayson has unveiled the brand new album “Sugar Coat”, which carries a naturally produced tracklist & variation of heartfelt vocal performances.

This latest album features eight songs created from an equal split of earlier releases (“Coffee”, “Mug”, “Don’t Date, & “Friends”) & some new tracks (“Sugar Coat”, “Me Without You”, “Far Too Short”, & “Best Of You”).

The album carries an indie-pop influence, with a combination of country & soft rock conveyed in several tracks to showcase the ever-evolving class of this artist’s musical individuality.

Throughout this album, Charlotte produces an assortment of naturally delving performances that are full of pure heart & emotion to preserve your entire concentration & leave you wanting to hear more.

In my opinion, this album allows listeners to experience Charlotte’s personally accentuating musical style by bringing a host of heartfelt tracks that individually represent a chapter of her developing journey. Amazing job, Charlotte!

You can check out “Sugar Coat” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

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