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REVIEW: Tay Temple Releases The New Single “Still Here”!

Following the profound fan admiration for singles such as “Worlds Strongest Drug (Bad Texter)” & “Time That Mattered”, highly acclaimed Manchester-based Alt-Pop Rock band Tay Temple has unveiled the brand new single “Still Here”.

Speaking about the new single, musician Tay said “As little girls we were fed fairytales of a prince charming coming to save us, which just isn’t true. Being a queer woman, this confused my attraction to girls for years. Ultimately, society glorifies what we should be looking for, this has damaged my perceptions of love and self-worth. Still Here is giving a big middle finger to those stereotypes and a promise to continue to fight against outdated oppressive narratives fed to us”.

Joined alongside Jasmine Gordon (Bass & Vocals), Jordi Shevlin (Lead Guitar), & Antony Greig (Drums), Tay produces a power-driven performance that highlights the creative innovativeness of these gifted musicians.

This song features elements of rock, indie, alt-pop, & folk to create an attention-grabbing instrumental that perfectly echoes the lyrical narrative of this track.

During this latest release, Tay delivers a robust vocal performance that emphasises the melodic nature of this charismatic composition.

The official video was directed by Tay Temple & Lizzie Parkinson & Filmed by Aiden Partridge. During this performance, we experience this gifted band performing a dynamic interpretation that showcases their musical innovation.

This song is a classic illustration of what this group is capable of & highlights the powerful sassy energy within Tay’s passionate vocals.

You can check out the official video for “Still Here” below or listen via further platforms here.

Tay Temple: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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