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REVIEW: Savannah Jaine Releases The Country-Rock Anthem “I Win Again”!

Highly acclaimed dual-based singer-songwriter Savannah Jaine is swiftly catching the attention of listeners around the world through her uniquely driving powerhouse vocals & resolutely notional lyrical storytelling. 

Following on from “Sunshine & White Wine” – her first editorial placement – and Live session EP in collaboration with Milkshed Studios, Lancashire, Savannah is gearing up for her brand new album ‘Slow Burn Baby’, (May 2023), with the release of the lead single “I Win Again”.

This brand-new single is a rock-driven anthem inspired by Savannah’s time working on cruise ships & playing in front of thousands of people per week. Speaking about the new release, Savannah said “Most were kind and wonderful people, some became lifelong followers and fans, and a very, very small few of them were mean, loud, drunk, unruly, and hurtful. It’s one thing to not like someone’s music but it’s another to completely disrespect them on stage and those few incidents inspired the hook “you’re a has-been who never was” & “you gave me so much hell just because”” 

The song carries an energetic impulse full of country & rock elements creating an ear-catching sound that lays a solid foundation for the punching lyrics to take centre stage.

Throughout this captivating composition, Savannah delivers an influentially assertive performance that showcases the animated factors of her powerhouse vocals.

This musical piece shows the incredible creative & innovative musical talent that this gifted artist possesses & leaves you with a craving to hear more, so be prepared to add this song to your repeat playlist.

You can check out “I Win Again” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Savannah Jaine: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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