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REVIEW: Niall Horan Releases The Ear-Catching New Single “Heaven”!

Niall Horan has unveiled the brand new single “Heaven”, which is the first single from the upcoming album “The Show”, due to be released June 9th.

Co-written alongside John Ryan, Joel Little, & Tobias Jesso Jr, this latest release centres around defying the rules/milestones that society delves upon us & focus on enjoying being in the moment with someone you deeply care about.

This song features a sweet combination of dreamy vocals & punching synths to create a heavenly (no pun intended) musical piece that you could easily listen to again & again.

Throughout this song, listeners experience a warm & aesthetically illustrating instrumental that lays an excellent foundation for the lyrics to take centre stage & guides you to fully embrace the engaging lyrical narrative.

Niall delivers a sincerely driving performance that echos the animated energy oozing from the lyrical core of this feel-good anthem & shows the charismatic qualities in his distinctly memorable vocals. This a high recommendation for anyone searching for a feel-good bop!

You can check out “Heaven” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

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