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REVIEW: Megan Dawson Releases The Energetically Feel-Good Country-Pop Anthem “To Fall In Love”!

Lyrically innovative Canadian country-pop singer-songwriter Megan Dawson has released the brand new feel-good anthem “To Fall In Love”.

Co-written alongside Chelsea Heaslip & Hannah Gazso & produced by Dan Swinimer, this latest single journeys around the discovery of self-love & what falling in love means to you.

The song carries an energetically charged country-pop instrumental that contains a variety of warm & feel-good elements to create a solid reflection of the lyrical heart of this engaging composition.

During this track, we hear Megan delivering a vibrantly moving performance that underlines the naturally drawing elements of her spirited vocals.

This song marks another exciting chapter of Megan’s incredible musical journey & showcases the unique musical innovativeness she holds. This a solid recommendation for all of your country-pop lovers out there!

You can check out “Fall In Love” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Megan Dawson: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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