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REVIEW: Milo Merah Releases The New Single “Linger”!

Highly acclaimed genre-bending independent British singer-songwriter Milo Merah has released the brand single “Linger”, distributed via AWAL.

Speaking about the new single, Milo confides “The song is about my struggle to reconcile a relationship that was broken. I tried to fight for us, clinging onto old memories, but when I looked into her eyes I just knew she didn’t feel the same love anymore. At this point, it became a war between my head and heart.”

Milo continued “I’ve found that when things aren’t working – relationships can get toxic. Those toxic feelings can translate into intense physical intimacy, sometimes leading to a greater sense of loss. In the end, there was just a lingering sense of inevitability that the end was near, but she still left me to linger until I had the courage to say it was over.”

Produced by AUR3LIAN & Homebodi, this latest single features a soulful sonic veil that reflects the lyrical narrative of this composition by utilising blissful synth guitars & acoustic drums to create an enticing musical piece.

During this song, Milo provides a deeply enduring performance that exudes the emotional heart of this song & highlights the richly textured elements of his phenomenal vocals.

In my opinion, Milo is an incredibly gifted musician who brings a fresh take to the music scene. The way he utilizes the soulful elements of his vocals to create a personal drawing sound is a statement of the unique talent he possesses.

You can check out the visualizer for “Linger” below or listen via further platforms here.

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