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REVIEW: Hannah May Releases The Feel-Good Single “Meet Me In The Middle”!

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Hannah May is bringing a romantically reminiscent anthem with the brand new release “Meet Me In The Middle”.

Marking her first single of 2023, “Meet Me In The Middle” centres around the challenges that emerge within relationships & the reminiscing over the moments & memories that brought you together, to begin with.

This latest release features an ear-catching instrumental that carries a variety of folk & pop elements, which fuse to create a reflective energy that echos the lyrical nature of this engaging track.

Throughout the duration of this song, we experience Hannah delivering a stunning vocal display that emphasises the emotionally versatile deep within her naturally charismatic harmonies.

The lyrical creativity behind this song is a substantial statement of the natural musical originality we have come to love from this gifted musician & highlights the unique artistry this standout talent possesses.

You can check out “Meet Me In The Middle” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Hannah May: Facebook / Instagram.

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