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REVIEW: Herald K & Lina Louise Unveil The New Single “Echo’s Song”!

Photo: Funky Eye.

Vienna-based Norwegian singer-songwriter Herald K has joined forces alongside Viennese singer-songwriter Lina Louise for the brand-new single “Echo’s Song”.

“Echo’s Song” marks the third musical collaboration between these two artists (The first being the duet “Light Of Your Eyes” from Herald K’s 2019 album ‘Strange Delights’. Later, the single “Arethusa” (2022) involved background vocals by Lina.) & highlights the lyrical artistry & divine melody of these two unique musicians.

Speaking about the release, Herald said “The song was written on a summer’s day, sitting on a park bench. The words came to me very fast, and I had the basic lyric down in about an hour or so. It was meant to only be a poem, but later I realized I could add melody to it and make it into a ballad….”

He continued “The final version of the track came together part by part, as a long-term project. Stephan Steiner first agreed to add nyckelharpa to the song as the lead instrument. Then Lina Louise decided to join and make it a duet. Later on, piano was added by Nikola Stanosevic. Each musician contributed something amazing and unique, and I’m so happy to have had the chance to work with these artists…”

“Production was carried out with great help by Robin Gillard (mixing) and Walter Frotzler (mastering). Great pros both, and the perfect combo to provide the touches that really brings the level up a few notches.”

This latest musical release comprises soulfully driving lyrical storytelling & delicately intertwined vocal harmonies to create an artistic composition that highlights the sheer creativity of these two distinguishable artists.

The softly paced instrumental gradually progresses into a tranquilly guiding sound that echoes the lyrical foundation of this song.

Herald produces a sonically emotive performance that highlights the sheer intensity of his vocals, while Louise delivers a smoothly driving harmonic display that exudes the natural beauty within her voice.

You can check out “Echo’s Song” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Herald K: Website / Facebook / Twitter.

Lina Louise: Facebook / Instagram.

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