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REVIEW: Bailey James Releases The Brand New Single “Better Angels”!

Upcoming Nashville singer-songwriter Bailey James has unveiled the brand new single “Better Angels”, which was recently announced as a finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting contest 2022.

The new single, “Better Angels,” gives listeners a beautifully crafted, soft & melancholic melody as Bailey discusses mistakes made & finally finds peace amidst grief. The song initially made a splash & landed this talented artist as a finalist in the prestigious 2022 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. 

Speaking about the song, Bailey said “This song is dedicated to the world. We are all battling something. Everyone is dragging some type of pain that most people around them have no idea about. There is no pain or loss that this life can put on you that heaven can’t heal. I challenge everyone to love more, fight less and help those that need it. We are stronger together than we are all alone.  Sometimes it’s just recognizing someone’s existence through a smile or wave that can set them on a more positive course. May the world know better angels.”

This latest musical release presents a golden opportunity for Bailey to showcase the emotional core that lies within the depths of her magical vocals. Each verse emphasises the raw & heartfelt content that naturally flows from this artist’s harmonic tone & leaves listeners with a continuing impression.

You can check out “Better Angels” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Bailey James: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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