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REVIEW: Maddie Leigh Unveils The Brand New Single “Morning After”!

Highly acclaimed country music songstress Maddie Leigh has unveiled the brand new anthem “Morning After”!

Co-written alongside Elliot Prather & produced by Bill McDermot, this latest musical release centres around a modern-day love story that listeners can connect with.

“I hope my music helps people feel understood when they feel like nobody else understands them,” Maddie explains. “I hope it lifts them up when they are having a bad day, I hope it brings them even more joy on their best day. Music can change completely change the outlook on your day so my overall goal is to just help brighten every person who listens to my music’s day in whatever way they need it.”

This song features an uptempo country-influenced instrumental that plays host to a notion of sassy lyrics, which will have you dancing along from the very first listen.

Throughout this song, Maddie delivers a vibrant performance, which perfectly highlights the passionately characteristic tones within her angelic harmonies.

This song is a true reflection of the creative spirit this gifted artist possesses & beautifully highlights the driving vocal magnetism she retains.

You can check out “Morning After” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Maddie Leigh: Website / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

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