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REVIEW: Darian June Unveils The Debut Single “Prom Queen”!

Darian O’Shea, aka Darian June, is a Cork-born producer, multi-instrumentalist, & singer-songwriter who is ready to express her musical artistry in the electro-pop music scene with the independent debut release “Prom Queen”.

Showcasing her creative eye & lyricist heart, Darian brings us a story of teenage angst & heartbreak. It is a song about yearning to be anyone but yourself & delves into the age-old metaphor of how the grass may seem greener on the other side.

The song features a synth-driven electro-pop soundscape that exudes the intensity of the emotional core of this lyrically-driven anthem to create a naturally engaging connection with listeners.

Darian delivers a vibrant performance that displays the natural tones within her passion-driven vocals, which beautifully exhibits the dynamic in-depth layers within her charismatic voice.

I feel that Darian is a very exciting musician to keep your eye on in the near future & could honestly see her creating a huge impact within the music scene in years to come.

You can check out “Prom Queen” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Darian June: TikTok / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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