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REVIEW: Paige Wolfe Unveils The Self-Empowerment Anthem “One Time Thing”!

Highly acclaimed Cwmbran songstress & mental health blogger Paige Wolfe continues to share her truth & experiences through both her music & writing.

In her first two musical releases, Paige embarked listeners on a variety of emotional soundscapes that carried a host of ear-catching lyrical elements that reflected the unique artistry of this gifted individual.

Paige has now unveiled the brand new self-empowerment pop anthem “One Time Thing”, which will resonate with anyone who has had one relationship that they regret.

Co-written & produced alongside Dan Fry & Millie Blooms Productions, this latest release features a synth-pop-influenced instrumental that carries fragments of R&B to create a mesmerizing backdrop, which help’s to accentuate the lyrical core of this composition.

Throughout this song, Paige delivers a sentimentally driving vocal performance that emphasises the passion-driven undertones of her phenomenal harmonies, which creates a natural connection for listeners to resonate alongside.

I feel that this song showcases the distinct charismatic artistry behind this talented artist’s ever-evolving musical style & allows Paige the opportunity to exhibit her out-of-this-world vocals.

You can check out “One Time Thing” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Paige Wolfe: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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