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REVIEW: Sarah J Set To Move Listeners With The Upcoming Anthem “Days We’ll Never Let Go”!

Liverpool singer-songwriter Sarah J has swiftly established a name on the music scene by entertaining audiences around the world through her artistically endearing performances & charismatically feel-good vocals.

With the likes of “Magnificent” & “Heartache” receiving high accolades from critics & listeners alike, Sarah is about to embark on the next step of her musical journey with the upcoming release of the moving anthem “Day’s We’ll Never Let Go”, on July 15th.

Speaking about the third single from the upcoming ‘Heartache E.P.’, Sarah said “I wrote this song during lockdown. The world was such a scary place at the time, and it was hard to see how we were ever going to be living in a ‘somewhat’ normal world again. I wanted to write a song to tell someone how much I was missing them and that I would never forget all the amazing times we had. At the time you couldn’t even stand in the same room as someone from a different household, so normality felt so far away. It’s a very special song to me. I think many people will relate to this song in different ways. It’s a bittersweet song. Memories are beautiful but can be painful too. It will always be one of my favourite songs.”

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Sarah begins with a subtle yet ear-catching opening section that slowly builds into a sentimentally moving anthem that will pull on your heartstrings.

As the song continues, the backing track is joined by a host of instruments that carry a notion of warming elements that connect on an in-depth level.

Sarah delivers a truly heart-warming performance that highlights the true sense of beauty within her divine harmonies & charges the natural raw emotion that lies within the core of her profound vocals.

This song is another exciting chapter in the ever-evolving musical journey that Sarah is undertaking & I feel that we are going to see some incredible things from the naturally gifted artist.

You can pre-save “Days We’ll Never Let Go” by clicking here.

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