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REVIEW: Juna N Joey Release Their Brand New Single “More Than A Maybe”!

Following the success of the heartfelt country ballad “Til’ Your Heart Breaks”. Emerging sibling duo Juna N Joey has released their brand new single, “More Than A Maybe”.

Co-written alongside Bill DiLuigi, & Kayliann Lowe. This latest single focuses on the excitement of starting to fall for someone new. The song features a narrative point of view of wanting to approach someone to tell them how you feel & discover if that person feels the same way.

The song features an ear-catching uptempo country-influenced instrumental that reflects the warm summery feel that the lyrical elements project throughout this release.

Juna N Joey project their incredible trademark synchronized harmonic vocals during this composition while allowing moments for Juna to highlight the delicate tones within her voice & Joey to emphasise the rich tones within his.

I feel that this song is another exciting chapter in this duo’s musical journey that allows them the chance to showcase their versatile range. It won’t be long before we see these gifted artists making their unique mark on the music scene.

You can check out “More Than A Maybe” on Spotify below or via further music platforms here.

Juna N Joey: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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