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REVIEW: Denis Coleman Releases The Brand New Single “Narcissist”!

Fresh from opening for Little Mix during The Confetti Tour, charismatic musician Denis Coleman has unveiled the brand new single “Narcissist”.

Speaking about the latest single, Denis said “I wrote this about the allure of similarity, about that initial rush when you meet someone who is “just like you”. Time eventually reveals the nuances of everyone’s character, but there is a brief dreamlike period in which every connection feels euphoric. I always found this quite funny and narcissistic so I decided to call it out, in my song, Narcissist.”

This latest single features an uptempo pop-influenced instrumental that reflects the chaos & uncertainty that comes from the concept of narcissism in love.

The lyrics portray the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship & the period where everything feels majestic & in some ways, could be labelled as narcissistic.

There is a variety of catchy elements that immediately catch your exclusive attention & leave you wanting to hit that replay button over & over again.

Denis produces a vibrantly enlightened performance that highlights the lyrical factors of this song & showcases the distinctive personality of Denis’s musical artistry.

I feel that this song provides an insight into the extraordinary musical talent that Denis possesses & supplies listeners with an ear-catching track that is a real contender for a future summer anthem.

You can check out the official video for “Narcissist” below or listen via Spotify here.

You can find out more about Denis’s upcoming headline 2022 Tour by clicking the link here.

Denis Coleman: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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