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REVIEW: Mimoza Unveils The New Single “Unprotected”!

Following the immense success of the influential anthem “Young Queen”, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Mimoza has unveiled the brand new single “Unprotected” via UMG Germany / Capitol Records.

Written as a fun, up-tempo record that carries depth and meaning, this latest release centres around embracing inner strength & reminding listeners to feel self-assured & confident in their own skin.

This song features a catchy yet emotionally grasping instrumental that carries a feel-good vibe, which listeners can easily connect with on a multitude of relatable layers.

The lyrical aspect of this song highlights how vulnerability can be the most powerful tool we can possess. Although we have all been guilty of putting our guard up, in time, we learn that letting our armour down can open a whole new world of knowledge, bravery, & love.

Throughout this song, Mimoza delivers a passion-driven performance that highlights the emotional fragments of her sensational vocal tone & echoes the expressive core of the lyrical nature of this stunning musical piece.

I feel that this song showcases the dynamic essence of Mimoza’s truly remarkable musical artistry & delivers an empowering message of how vulnerability can be the most fearless & powerful thing we share with the world. It can truly lead us to places we never thought possible.

If you are looking for an inspiring & ear-catching pop anthem, then this is going to be the perfect song for you.

You can check out “Unprotected” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Mimoza: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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