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REVIEW: Louise Parker Releases The Official Video For “I’ve Forgotten How To Smile”!

Country singer-songwriter Louise Parker has unveiled the official video for the critically acclaimed & emotionally impacting single “I’ve Forgotten How To Smile”!

The official video takes centre stage at The Princes Theatre, Clacton & see’s Louise deliver an emotionally compelled performance that transpires the lyrical voyage of this sensational composition.

Throughout the video, we see Louise journey towards the stage to produce an emotionally raw performance, which echoes the silent screams we want to say out loud when we travel through an emotionally changing venture.

There is an extensive range of camera angles used throughout this video that keeps focus on the vastly diverse emotions that Louise sensationally portrays, which help’s to keep you thoroughly invested in the spirited adventure of this song.

I believe this video perfectly reflects the emotional aspect this stellar song portrays through its’s lyrical core & highlights the musical artistry this gifted artist possesses.

You can check out the official video for “I’ve Forgotten How To Smile” below.

Louise Parker: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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